Personal care – Dr. Emer called me on a Sunday!” Our doctors think about you the person, we follow up and want to know how you’re doing after any eye emergency or concern. We get to know the person behind the eyes, who you are and how we can best serve your vision needs, and hope to do so for life!

Emergency Medical Care – Dr. Pete or Dr. Ben are on call 24/7! If you have any type of eye emergency, injury or concern, don’t hesitate to call and they will meet you at the office to help!

Serving the Kenosha community – We’ve been teaming up for years with organizations like the Lions Club to provide exams and glasses to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it, while conducting vision screenings at local schools and referring those students who may need exams.

Volunteer work – Dr. Pete has been organizing an eye clinic in the Dominican Republic for 10yrs now, helping hundreds of people each year who otherwise wouldn’t have access to eye care and glasses get the care they desperately need!

Newest Technology for Comprehensive Care – Emer Eye Care has a variety of diagnostic equipment to manage and treat a wide range of eye disease and conditions, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, keratoconus and many more!

Pediatric Care – Over his 35 years as an optometrist, Dr. Pete has spoken at nearly every school around Kenosha, and has done countless exams with school-aged children and younger. Dr. Ben has extensive experience with kids, from his previous work as a 3rd grade teacher in Kenosha, and now with three little ones of his own (5yo, 3yo, 8wks old). Both docs conduct a thorough pediatric exam, and have fun doing it! If your child is over the age of two and hasn’t had an exam yet, schedule their first exam soon!

Specialty Contact Lenses – For those who cannot attain the vision they need with conventional soft or hard contacts, Dr. Ben fits contacts using cutting edge technology for a precise, custom measurement to fit scleral contact lenses. Dr. Ben also fits a variety of hard multifocal contacts, and hybrid contact lenses (a combination of a hard and soft lens in one!).

Our Optical Team – Our amazing, experienced optical team takes the time to help you select the right frame and custom fit it to your face and preferences. We help you achieve optimal vision with a frame that is comfortable to wear and looks good too!

Jan! – For those who don’t already know Jan, she’s one of our incredible opticians and office managers who has been in the business for over 50 years! We have patients calling in often and asking, “Is Jan there?” so she can assist them in picking out the best fitting frames or making any adjustments for that perfect fit!

Our Passion for Serving YOU – At Emer Eye Care, we love what we do and are truly thankful to have the privilege and trust given to us by our patients to care for their eye health and vision needs. Thank you! 

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