Hello all! This is Dr. Ben Emer, I started working at my Father’s practice the spring of 2016 after graduating for the Illinois College of Optometry. Along with all patients out there, you have questions about problems or issues you may be having with their eye health or vision. You want to know what the cause is and what can be done to help.

A colleague of mine has recently put together a fantastic resource for patients! It’s a website chock full of very short, simple educational videos (most are about a minute long) that give you the basics and will help answer some of your questions. It’s called “Introwellness” and you can visit vision and eye health part of the site by clicking here! They cover everything from ocular disease to cataracts to different type of glasses, etc.!

The web address is www.introwellness.com. Here’s a few example videos for you to look at:

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