Frames & Contacts

We’ve recently expanded our frame lines to choose from (photos below only represent a fraction of what our optical offers).

  • Frame lines

    • FYSH, Michael Kors, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Giorgio Armani, Ray Ban, Oakley, Nike, Kate Spade, and many more!

    • STATE Optical Co. – variety of styles manufactured right in Chicago!

    • Sunglasses – variety including Oakley, Prada, Babiators (young children), etc.

    • Kids frames – variety including Nike, Oakley, sports glasses, sunglasses

    • Safety glasses



  • Daily contact lenses: the best in comfort and longterm ocular surface health

  • Other modalities:

    • Monthly contacts

    • Toric contacts (for astigmatism)

    • Multifocal contacts (with vision for distance AND near)

    • Color contacts

  • Brands offered:

    • Aquaclear, Freshdays, Biofinity, B&L Ultra, Acuvue, MyDay, Proclear, Aquacomfort, Air Optix, Biomedics, Freshlook

    • ANY other brand available for order!


  • Rigid Gas Permeables or “RGPs”

  • A variety of diameters and base curves to choose from for in office fitting

  • Ideal for higher prescriptions or irregular corneas


  • This specialty lens gives the clear vision of a hard contact lens with the comfort of a soft lens. It is essentially a hard contact with a soft “skirt” surrounding the outer edges that rests on the eye.

  • We have diagnostic sets available to give you the best fit and vision with this lens!


  • This specialty lens is a large, hard contact that vaults over the entire cornea and rests on the sclera (the white part of your eye). It can provide patients who have irregular corneas or have had previous difficulty with contacts with optimum comfort and vision.

  • We have diagnostic sets available to give you the best fit and vision with this lens!

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